Response to What Types of People Don’t Get Vaccinated

Originally posted October 10, 2015

Newsmax Health posted an article about “What Types of People Don’t Vaccinate“. There are according to them, 4 types, several of us who commented felt there should be a 5th which I’ve commented on.
You can go and see the article at: NewsMax article
I was disappointed but not surprised when they were trying to figure out how to get MORE people vaccinated.
Here is my comment:
“Steve, you are right, there is a fifth type definitely!
You guys all make great points, with the exception of HenryR who is simply misguided.
First, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Whooping Cough & Chicken Pox are all “inconvenient” illnesses with mortality rates in the 0.015% to 0.04% range. Your odds are better being killed riding a bicycle than from these diseases.
Second, Polio (although some would argue differently, it is a result of poor sewage more than person-to-person) and Tetanus are non-communicable diseases, so the “herd” protection doesn’t really apply, you can’t catch them from someone else.
Next, statistically, on average around 1% of the population opts out of getting vaccinated for the childhood vaccinations with 40% being for medical and 60% for religious or personal reasons. That’s roughly just 1.9 million out of 318 million for personal or religious reasons to opt out.
And Big Pharma acknowledges that typically about 10% of THOSE who do get vaccinated have NO immunity or a diminished immunity. Assuming everyone got the above mentioned vaccines, that leaves 31.8 million under immunized.
1.9 million vs 31.8 million, really? You’re going to blame the 1.9 million for the outbreaks???
If you know how to SUPERCHARGE your Immune System, you’ll never need a vaccination again anyway AND you’ll be able to fight off the “super bugs” that are now antibiotic resistant which you simply can’t get a vaccination for.
The answer to the question is that we should do a lot more to strengthen our Immune System so that we do not get sick in the first place! But there’s not much money in that so why promote prevention when you can make a killing (pun intended) on treatments.

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