UnSick Yourself or Never Get Sick Again!

I’ve heard it said that when you find something that troubles you to the deepest core of your being, that is your passion and you are driven to change things and make a difference.

For me, its health, and while I’m NOT a health nut, I am passionate about educating people so they can UnSick themselves or move to prevention so they Never Get Sick Again.

With over 9 years of research, accumulation of data and information from books written by guys with PhD’s, reading many Abstracts, and taking in many, many first hand stories of people taking back control of their own health with miraculous results, I’m convinced that the existing Internal Medically trained professionals have missed the boat.

It seems like every year there’s a new “pandemic” or superbug. In the 1990’s it was a “possible” horrific gonna kill millions Bird/Avian Flu. 2008 saw the resurgence of the deadly 1918 Spanish flu that was renamed the Swine flu. 2014 we panicked about Ebola, then 2016 scared us with Zika.

News Flash: Its NEVER going to end!

First thing we need, no MUST understand is that the conventional medical community can do NOTHING for you if you have a viral infection. Case in point, if you got Ebola, they isolated you so you wouldn’t infect anyone else and made you as comfortable as possible until you DIED or on the rare instance, recovered. Since when was making a patient comfortable a “treatment”???

News Flash: It shouldn’t be!

While the world watched helplessly as the helpless medical community watched more than 11,000 people die, then claimed victory when the virus burned itself out and touted themselves great conquerors because it didn’t kill 500,000.

Recently the world watched as pregnant women got infected with the Zika virus possibly resulting in a microcephaly brain damaged baby. What is their answer?  Don’t go to infected regions, don’t get pregnant for 2 years if you live in an infected region, don’t get bitten by an infected mosquito if you live in an infected region.

Who’s coming up with this stuff??? We need better ideas than that!

Along with my own research and that of some open minded PhD’s, MD’s, DO’s and just plain smart people, the information I’ll be sharing in this blog will help you take back your health, rendering the “next” pandemic nothing more than a minor blip on the radar for you and your family as you’ll know exactly what to have been doing all along and what to do to stop all viruses in their tracks before they can do any damage or get a foothold in your body or the ones that you love.

Thanks for joining us on this journey and please tell your friends, they’ll be glad you did.

UnSick Yourself,

Nicholas St Jon N.a.M.D.