Polio-like virus causing paralysis

“Polio-like” Virus Paralyzing People

Will the total of 155 cases of this polio-like virus dubbed AFM for Acute Flaccid Myelitis become the next “pandemic”?
Myelitis is the medical definition of deterioration of the nerves or nervous system. The full name of Polio is actually poliomyelitis. Virtually all viruses that cause myelitis have either a temporary or permanent nerve damage causing paralysis.

It is IMPORTANT to know that the conventional medical community has NO treatment or cure for viruses that cause myelitis. West Nile Virus is a virus that has killed or maimed thousands here in America for at least a decade now and there is still no vaccine, treatment (other than trying to make you comfortable), or cure (other than the person having a strong enough Immune System to beat it).

For many, they will become fearful. With a decade of research, I’ve had the opportunity to review dozens and dozens of books, videos, and medical journals that unveil the foundational building block of our Immune System.

Dr. Frederick Klenner was a small town doctor in Reidsville, NC and was the pioneer of the therapies now known as mega-dosing nutrients.

During the 1948-49 outbreak of Polio, Dr. Klenner had 60 cases come into his office at various stages of paralysis. Many were confirmed with a sample of spinal fluid that contained the poliomyelitis virus. This was 7 years before the polio vaccine was introduced to the world.

Utilizing his experience and knowledge of mega-dosing Sodium Ascorbate (commonly referred to as vitamin c), ALL (100%) of his polio patients left his office with NO permanent nerve damage and fully recovered. In case it didn’t register the first time, he CURED 100% of his polio patients, 7 years before there was even a vaccine. If you go to the WHO or CDC websites, they still state that there is NO Cure for polio, obviously, they are wrong!

If I was a parent and my child began to be symptomatic of this AFM or polio-like virus, I would find a doctor who would give them a 10,000 mg intramuscular shot of sodium ascorbate. If finding a doctor who will do as I desire is going to take some time, and it very well may as the conventional medically trained doctors do not or will not acknowledge the use of mega-dosing Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate) as a valid treatment for virtually any disease. Dr. Klenner once said that unfortunately for their patients, many doctors would rather stand by and watch their patients die than to administer a Vitamin C treatment.

What I would be able to do immediately is to start giving 2,000 mg in juice such as orange or apple juice every hour until the symptoms subsided and then continue for at least a couple more days.

If the paralysis was rapidly setting in, I’d do a very inexpensive treatment called the Sodium Ascorbate push. I’ve performed this on myself several times to significantly increase my vitamin c levels in my blood very quickly.

In America, we have a tendency to be a bit squeamish about enemas. Don’t discount them. I can get 25,000 mg of sodium ascorbate into my blood stream very quickly using an enema push and hold and it is very inexpensive as well at $0.75 to $1.50 compared to a Sodium Ascorbate IV that I’ve spent over $100 for each treatment.

Vitamin C/Sodium Ascorbate is the foundational building block for your entire Immune System, and Dr. Klenner understood that, now confirmed by hundreds of MDs, DOs, and DCs as well as 2 time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling PhD.

We’ve all seen what hydrogen peroxide does when it encounters germs, viruses, and bacteria, it foams up when the very unstable extra Oxygen atom in H2O2 is released when it is activated. When you get sufficient amounts of Vitamin C in your body, it is essentially like having hydrogen peroxide in every cell waiting to be activated to neutralize foreign invaders such as a virus’ dna or rna that converts a healthy cell into a virus replication manufacturing facility.

What I do, is take 8,000 mg – 10,000 mg of Sodium Ascorbate a day orally in juice. That way my internal army is well positioned and ready to jump to action to neutralize any threat to my health. Dr. Andrew Saul PhD takes 16,000 mg a day and his daughter gives her children chewable 500 mg tablets of Vitamin C throughout the day to keep their Immune System at optimal readiness.

As a result, I don’t live in fear and neither does Dr. Saul, his daughter or her children, along with probably millions of Americans that have come to understand that they can take their health back and build their Immune System to a strength that regardless of the next media/medical community scare/pandemic, we will have the upper hand and don’t need to live in fear or worry.

In my book “The Immunity Crisis in America”, I cover several easy and inexpensive ways to strengthen your Immune System.

UnSick Yourself,
Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD

Get “The Immunity Crisis in America” book in PDF for just $7


Ebola 2018

Minor Ebola outbreak in Congo

There has been another outbreak of Ebola in yet another African nation, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Kudos to the rapid response of medical teams to set up isolation wards that quickly contained the spread of this very deadly virus. Once they start adopting the Dr. Klenner induction method of a 10,000 mg intramuscular shot of Sodium Ascorbate, the containment can be even quicker.

Of the 53 infections in one region, there were 29 deaths, 29 more than what should have been in my opinion. Once isolated, they put them on an IV and “make them as comfortable as possible” until they recover or die. 29 left in body bags and in are crazy world where they won’t even look at the science of mega-dosing nutrients, the claim will be that they were phenomenally successful because “only” 29 people died when it could have been thousands.

The criminal part of this is that had they added 25,000 or even 50,000 mg of Sodium Ascorbate and possibly 100,000 IU Vitamin D3 to the IV as soon as admitted, the death toll might even have been less than 5, maybe 0.

Instead, a new vaccine was administered to 3300 first and second hand contacts of infected people and of the 53 people infected none of them supposedly had received the vaccine.

While I’m not generally a pro-vaccine guy, there is a place for them, a very limited place and if this is one of the mechanisms that helped quell the spread of a very deadly and virulent virus, I’m for it’s use. But its still a very, very, very expensive solution as well as watching the dead toll rise while “science” tries to find an answer. Over 11,300 died in the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

In previous posts I’ve asked the question: “Why haven’t researchers been looking at the survivors of Ebola to see why they survived?” Well, someone else finally asked that question in an organization that could instigate research to find the answers.

NIH article  Daily Science article

 Essentially they’ve discovered that the body made antibodies, which is exactly what God designed it to do. One in specific, EBOV-520 binds the GlycoProtein that is the protein sequence that allows the Ebola virus to attach and infect cells. This one and two others are called broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) and now the race is on to synthesize them in a lab to create more vaccines that will stimulate the body to create them in people who have not encountered Ebola in the wild.

What is disappointing is that they stopped short of finding the REAL answer, and that is that the survivor’s Immune System was strong enough in the first place to give the body enough time to generate these bNAbs to start with.

What they would probably have found is that both in the plasma as well as the Ebola targeted cells, there was a sufficient amount of DHAA waiting to be activated to neutralize the Ebola virus RNA/DNA to thwart the replication process.

The DHAA, or DeHydrolized Ascorbic Acid, builds up in the blood plasma, white blood cells, dendratic cells, and if enough present, all cells in the body as a first line defense against ALL foreign invaders such as Ebola, Zika, West Nile, Rhino, and Influenza, regardless of the “strain”, seasonal mutation, or variation.

When cells have enough of the DHAA in them, it is the oxidation agent that combines with the virus’ RNA or DNA that is trying to hijack a cells replication process and destroys it. That oxidation process is the same process that occurs when you dump Hydrogen Peroxide on a cut and you witness the immediate neutralizing process in the foaming oxidation process that kills germs, viruses, and bacteria, but this process takes place right inside of a cell, every cell if it is fortified enough.

At retail, Sodium Ascorbate can be purchased for less than $0.035 per 1,000 mg, so even a 50,000 mg IV would only cost $1.75. What could be more cost effective???

Contrast that with the $50,000,000 raised to administer the 3,300 experimental vaccines. That’s over $15,000 per person to get vaccinated with this new vaccine.

These are third world countries with economies that have been devastated by war, disease outbreaks, and under developed resources. If it hadn’t been for outside agencies raising $50 million, this could have turned into another major outbreak like what was seen in the 2014-2016 outbreak that cost 3 countries over 11,000 lives, hundreds of millions of dollars and wrecked their economies.

Help me spread the word so that the NEXT big outbreak won’t be so costly.

UnSick Yourself, nobody else will!
Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD

Get “The Immunity Crisis in America” book in PDF for just $7

Einstein said that we should make things as simple as possible, but NO simpler.
I’m constantly astounded by how HARD the science and medical community are making this Ebola thing to be.


Originally posted April 5, 2015
A local TV station ran a couple of segments about the problem of people choosing to NOT vaccinate their children, whether for Medical or Religious exemptions.
The segment made it sound as if the “anti-vaxers” were putting the general public at a huge risk of getting sick.
So I did a segment on KCTU TV’s Your Hour that aired on Wednesday May 6th, 2015.

In the segment, I really try to put everything in to perspective.
I tallied the entire Wichita USD 259 public student population, which is 51,330 students.
That works out to just under 4,800 students per grade year.
For Elementary or Grade schools, assuming 6 grades, is just under 30,000 students.
The breakdown of those children that DID NOT get vaccinated for ANY reason, is 305.
That makes the population of unvaccinated children in our Elementary schools at 1.1%. It statistically works out both here in Wichita and Nationwide, that 40% of those not vaccinated are for Medical reasons, that leaves 60% for Religious reasons.
What that means in Wichita is that 122 students not vaccinated for Medical reasons, while just 183 not vaccinated for Religious exemptions.
183 divided by 6 grades, is just 31 students per grade, scattered across the city of dozens and dozens of Elementary or Grade schools.
In our High Schools its even less. Only 139 students not vaccinated out of 14,316 students equaling just 1.0% of the student population. Taking the 40% – 60% ratio, that’s just 83 Religious exempted students or 12 students per school.
Now let’s look at the Mortality Rates (rate of those dying from a disease) for each of those for which vaccinations are “mandated” to attend school.
Measles and/or Rubella 0.015% or 1 out of every 6,800 people that get ill.
Mumps 0.01% or 1 out of every 10,000 people that get ill.
These are commonly referred to as “inconvenient” illnesses or diseases because their mortality rate is so low. The 3 listed above are the MMR part of the vaccination system. With mortality rates this low for these 3 illnesses, hundreds if not thousands could get sick without a single death from the disease.
So why all the uproar over a hand full of students that have not gotten vaccinated?
I personally don’t get it?
Diphtheria has a significantly high mortality rate of 20%
Tetanus is also significant with an 11% mortality rate.
Pertussis virus (Whooping Cough) 0.04% or 1 person out of every 2400 that get ill and half of those will be under 3 months old.
This combination of vaccination is commonly known as DTaP or TDaP.
If you are concerned and do want to get your children vaccinated, some Pediatricians have gone on record of going to Individual shots, spaced out over several weeks instead of getting the MMR all in one shot, you might consider getting the Measles by itself, then maybe a week or 2 later, the Mumps shot, then a week or so later, the Rubella shot. Same with the DTaP or TDaP shots, get them individually and get them spread out over time.
While there are NO studies linking the MMR shot to Autism, this seems to be a coincidental event that Autism is first seen symptoms of right after that shot.
In Japan, a study was done to spread the shots individually out over time and oddly enough, the incident rate of Autism dropped by over 95%.
Getting individual shots are more expensive both from the per shot cost as well as having to see a doctor several more times not to mention the inconvenience of your time needed to do this.
Another study that has been discontinued unfortunately, was done of families that did not vaccinate their children, and the rate of Autism was that of the early 70’s which was 1 in 6700 had developed some form of Autism when only 3 vaccinations were being received. The rate of Autism today is 1 in 68.
While I do believe in the science of some vaccinations, Small Pox for one has been eradicated from the entire planet and the vaccination was discontinued in 1982 world wide. Obviously permanent maiming from Polio has been almost eradicated, especially in the U.S. but still has some to go in third world countries.
Tetanus and Diphtheria deaths have been brought down till you rarely hear of a death any more.
Another “statistic” that is often overlooked or not mentioned is that the Pharmaceutical companies themselves state that the rate at which vaccinations “take” or immunize is only about 90%, leaving 10% of those vaccinated with NO immunization or a diminished immunization, making them as susceptible to the disease of the non-vaccinated children are.
To put that into perspective, of the 51,330 children in the Wichita public school system, 5,133 have very little or no immunization against some of these diseases.
Compare that to the 266 Religiously exempted students, that’s 20 times more students with diminished immunization putting medically exempted students more at risk than the religiously exempted non-vaccinated students!
Giving 68 or 69 doses over 14 shots by the time your child is 6 years old, mostly for “inconvenient” diseases does seem to be a bit much.
I can also see why parents of non-vaccinated children for medical reasons can be of concern, the more children that are not vaccinated that could be increasing the risk that their child might be at risk of higher exposure with seemingly NOTHING they can do to protect their child. Well, NOTHING could be further from the truth from a “conventional” medical viewpoint, there IS something you can do, you just haven’t been told what.
The CDC’s website, WebMD, Mayo Clinic, WHO, and just about every other “conventional” medically trained group have all come to the same conclusion and this is it: The stronger a person’s immune system is, the better the chance of getting over an illness or disease or preventing it in the first place.
Yet not ONE of them gives us any idea how to strengthen our immune system!!!
Doesn’t that seem odd??? Especially when information has been available for almost 70 years how to boost our immune systems. Even TV ads are touting ways to boost our immune system, giving us a clue as to how.
While there are MANY, MANY things you can do such as exercising, getting plenty of rest and sleep, taking more vitamin D, eating healthier foods, cutting out processed foods, and cutting back on foods with high fructose corn syrup, nothing strengthens your immune system easier, quicker, and cheaper than increasing your intake of Sodium Ascorbate!
The problem is that “conventional” medicine looks at Sodium Ascorbate like its akin to a fuel additive for your car, when it is in fact The Fuel. Sodium Ascorbate is the very prime enzyme that makes your white blood cells efficient in fighting germs, viruses, bacteria, and toxins such as poisons.
L-Ascorbic Acid is the enzyme that white blood cells use to neutralize these foreign invaders, keep viruses from replicating, help repair damaged cells, and is the main component for creating Collagen, which is the “glue” that holds all cells together.
Dr. Fred Klenner used Sodium Ascorbate to treat over 3,000 patients with phenomenal success. Should you think it was just a fluke, think again, as Dr. Klenner cured 60 out of 60 cases of Polio during the outbreak of 1948-49 where not even one single patient was permanently paralyzed, he cured Measles, Mumps, snake bites, dust crop poisonings, etc. all with what is called Mega-dosing of Sodium Ascorbate, well before ANY Polio vaccines were available.
Read Dr. Klenner’s notes on several treatments including Poliomyelitis Treatment Records
L-Ascorbic Acid is the base enzyme, when combined with Sodium, it buffers the acid making it easier for the body to ingest.
Regardless of where you stand on vaccinations, if YOUR child got sick with an illness or disease, you’d want to know that there was a PROVEN, LEGITIMATE treatment that could supercharge your child’s immune system with absolutely NO downside or side effects even if you’d taken the “medical” exemption from vaccinations, probably even more so.

Dr. Klenner would give a 10 gram intramuscular shot (in the glutes) as soon as you came into his office, that way it empowered your immune system to start the fight on what ever illness you had while they started the diagnostic process to see exactly what you had. You hear of people not getting diagnosed for things like Lyme’s disease, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, and a whole host of other illnesses for days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years.
Where is the harm in administering 10 grams of Sodium Ascorbate immediately and increasing your oral intake of Sodium Ascorbate to 30 mg/lb body weight over every 24 hour period? That’s rhetorical, because there is NO harm, Sodium Ascorbate is water soluble, there is NO toxicity level, the body uses what it needs and simply excretes the rest. Peeing out excess is NOT a side effect! You CAN’T overdose on Sodium Ascorbate.

Sodium Ascorbate is better known by its industry label as Vitamin C, but don’t be mislead, it’s NOT just another nutrient, it’s the very FUEL your immune system needs to keep you healthy. Dr. Klenner likened it to bullets for a soldier, you can have 5 bullets or you can have 5,000, which would you rather have in fighting a war???

Order from Amazon/KindleIf you really want to learn more about Sodium Ascorbate, get the book written by not one PhD but two, Dr. Andrew Saul PhD. and Dr. Steve Hickey PhD. entitled “Vitamin C: The Real Story” as inspired by one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, 2 time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling PhD.

Response to What Types of People Don’t Get Vaccinated

Originally posted October 10, 2015

Newsmax Health posted an article about “What Types of People Don’t Vaccinate“. There are according to them, 4 types, several of us who commented felt there should be a 5th which I’ve commented on.
You can go and see the article at: NewsMax article
I was disappointed but not surprised when they were trying to figure out how to get MORE people vaccinated.
Here is my comment:
“Steve, you are right, there is a fifth type definitely!
You guys all make great points, with the exception of HenryR who is simply misguided.
First, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Whooping Cough & Chicken Pox are all “inconvenient” illnesses with mortality rates in the 0.015% to 0.04% range. Your odds are better being killed riding a bicycle than from these diseases.
Second, Polio (although some would argue differently, it is a result of poor sewage more than person-to-person) and Tetanus are non-communicable diseases, so the “herd” protection doesn’t really apply, you can’t catch them from someone else.
Next, statistically, on average around 1% of the population opts out of getting vaccinated for the childhood vaccinations with 40% being for medical and 60% for religious or personal reasons. That’s roughly just 1.9 million out of 318 million for personal or religious reasons to opt out.
And Big Pharma acknowledges that typically about 10% of THOSE who do get vaccinated have NO immunity or a diminished immunity. Assuming everyone got the above mentioned vaccines, that leaves 31.8 million under immunized.
1.9 million vs 31.8 million, really? You’re going to blame the 1.9 million for the outbreaks???
If you know how to SUPERCHARGE your Immune System, you’ll never need a vaccination again anyway AND you’ll be able to fight off the “super bugs” that are now antibiotic resistant which you simply can’t get a vaccination for.
The answer to the question is that we should do a lot more to strengthen our Immune System so that we do not get sick in the first place! But there’s not much money in that so why promote prevention when you can make a killing (pun intended) on treatments.

In defense of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Originally posted 02.10.2016
This post is in response to an article on Logic of Science
Talk about calling the kettle black, this is one seriously biased and uninformed article against the work of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.
Let’s apply your logic to another situation:
The first premise is that all current science theories will eventually be proven out to be true, which is false from the very start.
At one time, “scientists” some very smart guys all believed that the Earth was flat, all the documentation written was with that theory in mind. Had they written 10,000 articles, papers, blogs, tv shows, radio shows and Scientific American articles, when another “scientist” questioned the existing theory and published the first article, it would NOT have changed what the truth eventually was proven to be. 1 article against 10,000 WOULD be the needle in the haystack and WOULD have been very hard to find.
Truths typically go through 3 stages:

  • First: they are generally ignored;
  • Second: they are violently opposed and ridiculed;
  • Third: eventually they are accepted as self-evident and we wondered why they were ever even doubted.

This article is in stage 2, opposed and ridiculed.
She’s correct, there are hundreds of thousands of articles, papers, and studies proclaiming the trustworthiness of vaccines and how safe they are. At the same time there are several thousand trials, studies, and cases of injured people who have been awarded monetary damages due to vaccine related injuries and deaths, those so called outliers are not single point conclusions, but in fact replicated often times from independent and unrelated studies and trials.
If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail! The western/traditional/conventional medical trained modalities are two fold, the first is to treat an ailment or illness with chemicals which are called drugs, the second is surgery to attempt to repair, remove, or replace something in or on the human body.
Case in point, Dr. Frederick Klenner MD during the 1948-49 outbreak of poliomyelitis (polio), 60 cases came into his office and ALL 60 left his office fully cured with NO permanent paralysis. That is a 100% cure rate utilizing mega-dosing Sodium Ascorbate to bolster the immune system to fight and defeat the poliomyelitis virus. This was 6 years before the first polio vaccine was produced. Was that an outlier? Hardly, a doctor in Germany used the same protocols that Dr. Klenner did with the exact same results? Duplication is a condition of science to confirm a theory into proven science, case closed. However, when Dr. Klenner presented this protocol to a Medical convention, it literally fell on deaf ears and was not even looked at? I’m not going to speculate as to why, its just a fact that it was. Doesn’t change the results one bit. Read for yourself http://www.doctoryourself.com/klennerbio.html or Cure of Polio and other Viral Infections
Dr. Linus Pauling PhD, winner of two individual Nobel Prizes, grandfather of modern chemistry and one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century, was then duped into believing that mega-dosing nutritional therapies was somehow better than all the antibiotics, drugs, and surgeries available to humankind. He was ridiculed, but now, some 20+ years later, he is slowly being vindicated that his research was solid science, even though reputable organizations such as Mayo Clinic did “clinical” trials that attempted to disproved his “theories”. But when the Mayo Clinic trial information was looked at deeper that “proved” Dr. Pauling’s finding were erroneous, it was found that the study was set up to fail and that the levels of Vitamin C used was of such a low amount, it was no wonder their results were shown to be what they wanted. Now trials are showing that if a person takes, 2,000 mg to 5,000 mg of Vitamin C per day when a cold starts that it will shorten that cold by a significant amount of time. So you could have 4 million studies that prove that it doesn’t and 2 that it does, will not change the truth, that when ample amounts of Vitamin C are taken, it will strengthen a person’s immune system to the point of fighting and defeating many if not all viral and bacterial infections.
So before passing judgment, go spend $10 and read as much stuff on her site as you can and then go about your disproving each and every point that she makes from her library with studies NOT done by conflict of interest universities, internal medically biased hospitals, or pharmaceutical companies.
BTW, “observational” studies are quoted all the time by “science” and “medical” people, if they are valid for them, they are certainly equally as valid for anti-vaxers, alternative and complimentary medical people as well. You DON’T get to have it both ways.
Visit Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s website at: http://drtenpenny.com/

Anatomy of a Flu Shot

The Anatomy of a Flu Shot – originally posted 11.22.2015

With signs on every corner encouraging you to get THIS season’s flu shot, combined with the media bombardment to try and shame or scare us into getting one for the “herd” immunity, I thought now might be a good time to cover “The Flu Shot”.

I’m NOT here to tell you whether to get “the shot” or not, but what I believe every person needs is valid and truthful information with which they can make an informed decision.

Let’s start with the herd immunity concept. There are 320 million Americansfs_sign6, just 172 million flu shot doses with a hoped for rate of at least 80% inoculation. 80% of 172 million is 138 million, at an “efficacy” rate (which I’ll explain later) of their typical 60%-70%, giving them the benefit of the doubt, brings our herd immunity down to 97 million with any level of immunity from this season’s flu strains. That means that just 1/3 of the people around you will have any level of immunization from the guessed at strains of this season’s flu. Leaving over 200 million of us “susceptible” to this season’s flu. Wow! Even according to “their” own formula, it’s short by 9 million people to qualify for herd immunity if this season’s flu is at the bottom of the contagious scale.

fs_sign5Next we’ll look at the “ingredients” of a flu shot. It will of course contain a number of H3N2 Influenza strains and H1N1 Swine strains typically identified by “A” or “B” types and regions or states previously found predominant in. These can be a “portion” of the virus such as the Hemagglutinin (the “H” part of the virus), an inactivated virus that is somehow kept from replicating, and the “dead” virus which is interesting because viruses aren’t actually “alive” to begin with. They are more akin to a seed than a living organism.

Other ingredients are the “preservatives”. These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Many still use the known neuro-toxin mercury or some derivative of it like Thimerosal. Others use another known neuro-toxin such as aluminum and formaldehyde (International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies formaldehyde as a human carcinogen). While they might be great to “preserve” the vaccine, they are NOT so great when injected into the Human body in almost any amount.

When you put these foreign materials into the body, your immune system will have to work to remove them, and hopefully it will be strong enough to do so. Here’s where the irony comes in. Who do the “authorities” say should get the flu shot? Those with a weakened immune system right? Oops! Good luck getting rid of these neuro-toxins and foreign materials. Also something to think about, the warning is that if you have a “weak” Immune System, that the flu shot or any other vaccine may not work as well as hoped for. What??? Have they lost their freaking minds? They tell us if you have a weak Immune System you need a flu shot but if you have a weak Immune System it may or probably WON’T work very well. PLEASE make up your minds or better yet, just leave us alone.

And finally, the last ingredient is what’s known as an “adjuvant”. Aluminum is the standard adjuvant but Squalene was experimented with and the possible culprit from Veterans serving in Gulf War 1 that have a permanently suppressed Immune System and what is called “The Gulf War Syndrome”. This is the ingredient specifically designed to suppress your immune system further than it apparently already is. The reason for an adjuvant is because without it, an immune system with any kind of strength will attack and expel the virus (or weakened or “dead virus) so quickly that the system hasn’t had the time to identify it, catalog it, and create the antibodies to eradicate it through the secondary response part of your immune system and be prepared for future infections. The biggest problem with artificially suppressing your immune system to keep the first line of immune response from working so quickly is that no one knows how far back it will rebound. If it NEVER returns to its previous strength similar to a dropped ball that never returns to its original height, with shot after shot after shot, some 46 vaccinations before age 6, 70 by age 18, could this be the reason why we are seeing an increase in “autoimmune” diseases such as Crohn’s, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Acute/Chronic/Rheumatoid Arthritis just to name a few?

The other problem with artificially suppressing your immune system is that it opens you up for a period of time to other germs, bacteria, pollutants, and anything else that can make you sick. As an example, the “Whooping cough” vaccine is pushed to make sure Grandma doesn’t infect her precious grandchild. While its a great idea to make sure that infants don’t get whooping cough, is it really a good idea to suppress Grandma’s immune system to create immunity against the pertussis virus (whooping cough) when we’re coming into flu season??? Especially if we know we could cure whooping cough in just 24-48 hours? That’s right, from DoctorYourself.com

Vitamin C given by IV infusion is fastest acting. IM injections are next quickest; aggressive oral C therapy is still the preferred method unless hospitalized, in which case IV or IM may be demanded by the patient, parent or guardian. “Demanded” is certainly the right word.

Homeopathy: Drosera 30C, one dose sublingually.

Speaking of “antibodies”, this is where the term “efficacy” comes in. Pharmaceutical companies do a limited scientific study of the numbers of people who get their vaccine to see at what level their body creates antibodies against that season’s specific flu strains. Typically we hear that it is at the rate of 60%-70%, What that means is that of the people tested, 60%-70% created what they believe to be sufficient numbers of antibodies to ward off the flu should they get infected. It DOES NOT mean how “effective” it is. These two words sound similar and so they are used with the very idea that when we hear “efficacy” we will translate it to mean “effectiveness”. In the Pharmaceutical company’s own documentation, they state that “…there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with…” their vaccine (italics and bold mine). In other words, we really don’t know how effective it will be, so you’re on your own.no_controlledThe GREAT news is that there are 2 or 3 things you can do to supercharge your Immune system so that you don’t need the flu shot and all the downside effects it may cause.

First, your white blood cells, which are your front line soldiers, need to have plenty of ammunition to fight off any foreign invader. Most people’s white blood cells are seriously under supplied with the proper amounts of ammunition. That ammunition is Dehydrolized Ascorbic Acid (DHAA), or in common folk terms, Vitamin C. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of 90 mg for adult men, 75 mg for adult women, is just enough to keep you from bleeding to death, decided clear back in the 1940’s, maybe its time for an upgrade.

Drs. Klenner, Pauling, and Cathcart did significant research and found the amount of Sodium Ascorbate (buffered Vitamin C) we actually need to optimize our Immune system is in the 5,000 – 6,000 mg range per day taken in 2,000 mg doses over several times throughout the day orally for adults, less for children under 10 years of age. This gives your soldiers more than adequate supplies of ammunition to fight pretty much any viral or bacterial infection with an initial immune response so powerful you typically won’t even know you were infected. Dr. Thomas Levy MD JD and Dr. Andrew Saul PhD both have written in depth about the power of Vitamin C and its almost miraculous ability to help the body fight infections.

Next, every household and every company should stock Sambucol. This is the enzyme L-Sambucus nigra which is found in Black Elderberries. This little enzyme will make the Hemagglutinin spikes on most viruses impotent and unable to attach to a cell where it could then start the replication process furthering its infection. In clinical studies done by the Medical School of Oslo Norway, they found in a double blind study that it decreases the symptoms of a 7 day flu down to just 3.1 days on average. Comparative studies of Tamiflu® showed a decrease down to just 6.1 days. That makes Sambucol 5 times more effective, way cheaper, no doctor visit, no prescription, and with none of the side effects. Click here-0ther studies.

And finally, studies have shown that when we get into fall and winter months, because we spend less time in the sunshine, our Vitamin D levels drop. There is a direct correlation to susceptibility to colds and flus when Vitamin D levels are low. This is easy to correct by simply increasing your Vitamin D3 intake. Most people are so low already that taking 5,000 IU isn’t a problem, many could take 3 times that amount without any aversion. If concerned, get a blood test reading of your Vitamin D levels, it should fall in the 70-90 range, my last reading was just 34 so I’ve increased mine to 15,000 IU per day.

In conclusion, if someone were to recommend NOT getting the flu shot or any vaccination without giving you proven alternatives to staying healthy, that would be nothing short of criminal.
If the ONLY thing we could do to ward off viral infections was through vaccinations, then I’d probably lean toward taking the risk and getting them, however, armed with the right knowledge, I now know that I have several options I can do as an alternative to strengthen my Immune System and don’t really need to rely just on a vaccine, and now so do you.

UnSick Yourself, nobody else will,
Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD

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