Zika – Be NOT Afraid!

Originally posted January 22, 2016

Zika virus – latest scare: Be NOT Afraid!

Zika virus is the “new” threat. Yep, a new viral threat, surprise, surprise. BTW, they’re never gonna stop so just get used to it!
Already the country of El Salvador has issued an advisory to its citizens to NOT get pregnant for 2 years. Really, that’s the solution to this latest problem??? The CDC is also issuing a warning to NOT travel to the Olympics down in Brazil this summer if you are pregnant. If you don’t have any other plan to beat back Zika, I guess that’s good advice, but don’t buy into it, there is SOMETHING you can do and you’ll see below just what that is.

Quit waiting for someone else to find the solution to the next epidemic or pandemic. I’d love for the CDC to do something, but they have already proven with West Nile and Ebola that they are simply not capable of doing hardly anything.
There’s NOT going to be a vaccine for Zika, after 14 years, almost 1,000 deaths and thousands maimed from WNV, still no vaccine nor is there likely to be one. All of the “authorities” websites say the exact same thing, there is NO treatment, there is NO cure. That’s reassuring!?!
They can simply duplicate those paragraphs when they create the Zika pages because its the same.
Its YOUR health, take charge for there is something you CAN do against ALL viral and bacterial infections like Zika and West Nile.
Occam’s razor says that all things being equal, the best solution to a problem is usually the easiest and simplest.
What is that solution? Its simple, do the opposite of what the “authorities” say makes you vulnerable to these infections in the first place, you’re vulnerable and reduce your chances of recovery if you have a weak or weakened immune system. The overly obvious answer would then be to “strengthen” your immune system, but they really don’t give you much help there.
So fasten your seat belts, here it is, the simplest, easiest, almost unbelievably powerful, most researched nutrient ever and the very foundation of the entire Immune System, fortify your white blood cells with plenty of Sodium Ascorbate. That’s it.
Sodium Ascorbate in significant amounts, like over 3,000 mg per day (not all at once), has shown so effective against all viruses its ridiculous that its been ignored for so long.
And the really great news is that while pregnant women can’t take many medications for fear of causing problems with the developing baby, Sodium Ascorbate in sufficient quantities has proven to aid in baby development, shorten labor, reduce pain in labor and much more. Dr. Klenner administered Sodium Ascorbate to over 300 mothers-to-be with phenomenal success. No miscarriages and the babies were healthier with no resuscitations and became known as the “Vitamin C babies”.
Dr. Klenner’s regimen was 4,000 mg orally per day for 1st trimester, increased to 6,000 mg in 2nd trimester, and 8,000 – 10,000 mg in 3rd trimester. He also administered a 10,000 mg IM shot upon admittance to the hospital for delivery.
So in fighting the Zika virus, this is indeed GREAT news for pregnant women or women traveling to Zika infested regions and having the ability to ensure they are not infected and thus infecting their babies.
Its YOUR health, don’t wait for someone else to protect you, they’re simply not capable fast enough.
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Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD

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