Zika – Be NOT Afraid!

Originally posted January 22, 2016

Zika virus – latest scare: Be NOT Afraid!

Zika virus is the “new” threat. Yep, a new viral threat, surprise, surprise. BTW, they’re never gonna stop so just get used to it!
Already the country of El Salvador has issued an advisory to its citizens to NOT get pregnant for 2 years. Really, that’s the solution to this latest problem??? The CDC is also issuing a warning to NOT travel to the Olympics down in Brazil this summer if you are pregnant. If you don’t have any other plan to beat back Zika, I guess that’s good advice, but don’t buy into it, there is SOMETHING you can do and you’ll see below just what that is.

Quit waiting for someone else to find the solution to the next epidemic or pandemic. I’d love for the CDC to do something, but they have already proven with West Nile and Ebola that they are simply not capable of doing hardly anything.
There’s NOT going to be a vaccine for Zika, after 14 years, almost 1,000 deaths and thousands maimed from WNV, still no vaccine nor is there likely to be one. All of the “authorities” websites say the exact same thing, there is NO treatment, there is NO cure. That’s reassuring!?!
They can simply duplicate those paragraphs when they create the Zika pages because its the same.
Its YOUR health, take charge for there is something you CAN do against ALL viral and bacterial infections like Zika and West Nile.
Occam’s razor says that all things being equal, the best solution to a problem is usually the easiest and simplest.
What is that solution? Its simple, do the opposite of what the “authorities” say makes you vulnerable to these infections in the first place, you’re vulnerable and reduce your chances of recovery if you have a weak or weakened immune system. The overly obvious answer would then be to “strengthen” your immune system, but they really don’t give you much help there.
So fasten your seat belts, here it is, the simplest, easiest, almost unbelievably powerful, most researched nutrient ever and the very foundation of the entire Immune System, fortify your white blood cells with plenty of Sodium Ascorbate. That’s it.
Sodium Ascorbate in significant amounts, like over 3,000 mg per day (not all at once), has shown so effective against all viruses its ridiculous that its been ignored for so long.
And the really great news is that while pregnant women can’t take many medications for fear of causing problems with the developing baby, Sodium Ascorbate in sufficient quantities has proven to aid in baby development, shorten labor, reduce pain in labor and much more. Dr. Klenner administered Sodium Ascorbate to over 300 mothers-to-be with phenomenal success. No miscarriages and the babies were healthier with no resuscitations and became known as the “Vitamin C babies”.
Dr. Klenner’s regimen was 4,000 mg orally per day for 1st trimester, increased to 6,000 mg in 2nd trimester, and 8,000 – 10,000 mg in 3rd trimester. He also administered a 10,000 mg IM shot upon admittance to the hospital for delivery.
So in fighting the Zika virus, this is indeed GREAT news for pregnant women or women traveling to Zika infested regions and having the ability to ensure they are not infected and thus infecting their babies.
Its YOUR health, don’t wait for someone else to protect you, they’re simply not capable fast enough.
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Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD

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3 Replies to “Zika – Be NOT Afraid!”

  1. Originally posted Feb 18, 2016
    Maybe everyone should just put on the brakes of all these “the sky is falling” nonsense.
    I replayed Dr. Oz on my radio show (Zika Radio show) telling everyone on his show that 3-4 million people could get infected by the Zika virus within the next 12 months and that there is no treatment or vaccine.
    Well, Dr. Oz got 1 out of 3 right, there is no vaccine. There is a treatment, but the conventional medical community won’t acknowledge it. Here it is, a 10,000 mg dose of Vitamin C whether orally, intramuscular shot, IV push, IV, or Liposomal C followed with 1,000 mg orally every couple hours or so should supercharge your Immune System enough to stop this very weak virus in its tracks. One myth dispelled.
    Next that 3 – 4 million people could get infected with the Zika virus in the US over the next 12 months is just unbelievable. The Zika virus is spread and transferred by the Aedes aegypti or albopictus mosquito. This is the very same mosquito that carries Dengue and Chikungunya. To have any math model that could predict the spread of Zika, one would HAVE to include numbers from the spread of sister Flaviviruses such as Dengue and Chikungunya. Here’s what I could find out. There were 4 cases of Dengue Fever “in the wild” I’m guessing along the Rio Grande in Texas, across from areas that have significant levels of Dengue Fever in Mexico across the border. 4, not 40, not 400, not 4,000, FOUR!
    As for Chikungunya, there were about 750 “imported” cases either in 2014 or 2013, figuring out which year was more than I could decipher, but that’s not the point, the point being that 750 cases which apparently ALL of them were imported and no new “in the wild” cases where the Aedes mosquito bit an infected person and then infected a new person.
    This particular mosquito primarily lives in hot, humid regions like Mexico, Central America, and the northern part of South America, Chile is exempt as it is very mountainous and this variety doesn’t do well there. Likewise, this mosquito is predominately in the south eastern part of the US where there’s plenty of humidity and swamp like Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and parts of Texas.
    While travel around our great country is encouraged for trips and vacations, if you are outside the area where these mosquitoes thrive, spreading it should be minimal if at all.
    Also, keep in mind that the Innate Immune System which is also referred to as the “Natural” part of the system takes care of this weak virus so that there are not even any symptoms in 80% of those bitten. Next, for those that it gets past the Innate part of the system, the Adaptive Immune System defeats it within 7-10 days of initial infection.
    So the Zika virus would not even stay in your system hardly long enough nor build up enough of a Viral Load to get another mosquito infected enough to be a carrier to your next door neighbor.
    So where they come up with 3-4 million people getting infected is so far beyond me, its ridiculous! If we see 10,000 infected I’d be surprised and even at that, it would probably have to be those that have imported it as a result from travel.
    Please tell everyone you know not to worry, there is something you (and they) can do to limit their risk of any symptoms or adverse illness and that spreading it doesn’t make a lick of sense from a logic or math perspective.
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    Stay well my friends!
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  2. Originally posted April 10, 2016
    Don’t get me wrong, I highly admire Mike at Natural News, what he did to turn his own health crisis around and his extremely valuable resources at NaturalNews.com
    But every time I hear these “conspiracy” theories crop up, I wonder just how much real thought went into posing them.
    The last major conspiracy theory was that Ebola was being weaponized. And though it is a very deadly, virulent, high mortality rate virus, it has been known to just burn itself out like it has done in the past and eventually probably would have done this time but with far more casualties, but it wasn’t airborne which does not lend itself to becoming a weaponized bio-terroristic method. Besides, the nutritional levels of our foods while not great, seem to lend themselves to giving the typical American a strong enough of an immune system to being able to survive an Ebola outbreak with what could be in the 10%-20% fatality rate of those infected. And while that would be “pandemic” levels and heart breaking for families and friends, it wouldn’t make for a “Last Man on Earth” or “The Last Ship” sequel.
    Likewise, weaponizing Zika makes almost NO sense on ANY level. Its not very virulent, has an extremely low mortality rate, is short lived in the body, and isn’t airborne. Not a very good candidate for a bio-weapon. So just dismiss this one.
    While I’m at it. Zika is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti or albopictus mosquitos. This is the very same mosquito that transmits Dengue fever and Chikungunya viruses.
    There was a handful of cases of Dengue in 2013-14 and one or two cases that I’m aware of with the Chikungunya virus. So what makes the “authorities” or “experts” think that Zika is going to be any different from two far more dangerous viruses which get transmitted from the same mosquito using the exact same method?
    The estimates of 3-4 million infected within the next 12 months seems to me that someone’s math model is highly flawed.
    They may prove me wrong, but I’d really be surprised if the count gets over 5,000, on an outside chance, maybe 10,000. But the only way I can see 3-4 million is if someone is intentionally infecting people somehow. Which WOULD require a conspiracy! Update- 644 cases in all of 2017 and all but 10 were imported, 2 from mosquito bites in Florida and 2 more from Texas and 6 acquired through sexual transmission.
    Make sure YOU are out ahead of even a conspiracy that would purposely infect people with a new “novel” virus like Zika by supercharging your Immune System.
    Get my book “The Immunity Crisis in America” where I teach you 7 things you can do easily, quickly, and inexpensively to supercharge your Immune System against ALL viral infections as well as rogue bacteria such as MRSA and the dreaded flesh eating bacteria we’ve seen in the news occasionally.
    Stay healthy and take back your health and healthcare!
    Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD

  3. After re-reading my posts on the Zika virus and making a prediction of the number of those infected in the United States, I looked up the CDC’s numbers.
    Dr. Oz went on national television and warned that 3-4 million people could be infected over the next year.

    I said his math was bad and said I’d be surprised if 10,000 were infected, then revised it down to 5,000.
    Well, the CDC has a total of 5,728 that showed ANY symptoms of which 5,442 were “imported” from people traveling from a Zika infected country and just 231 were infected from mosquitos in their local area, and that over a period covering from 2015 to Oct 2018. 231 over 3 1/2 years, even that’s just a fraction of the maximum of 5,000 I said I’d be surprised if got infected. It’s actually in line with what I expected given the similarities of Chikungunya, Dengue Fever, and Yellow Fever.

    If we expand to all U.S. Territories, the number jumps to locally infected to 37,286, while that is a lot, its still a far cry from the 3-4 million Dr. Oz predicted. And keep in mind, these are places such as Guam, The Phillipines, and Puerto Rico, heavily infected mosquito areas that can carry the Zika virus.

    So next time you hear that the “sky is falling” about the next pandemic that is sure to wipe out 95% of the planet’s population, slow down, take a deep breath and know that its the news people’s job to hype everything you hear and keep you as close to panic mode as they can.
    Get my book “The Immunity Crisis in America” from the button above for just $7 and learn how you can virtually make yourself immune to all of these virus scares.
    Take charge of your own health, nobody else will!
    Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD

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