Originally posted April 5, 2015
A local TV station ran a couple of segments about the problem of people choosing to NOT vaccinate their children, whether for Medical or Religious exemptions.
The segment made it sound as if the “anti-vaxers” were putting the general public at a huge risk of getting sick.
So I did a segment on KCTU TV’s Your Hour that aired on Wednesday May 6th, 2015.

In the segment, I really try to put everything in to perspective.
I tallied the entire Wichita USD 259 public student population, which is 51,330 students.
That works out to just under 4,800 students per grade year.
For Elementary or Grade schools, assuming 6 grades, is just under 30,000 students.
The breakdown of those children that DID NOT get vaccinated for ANY reason, is 305.
That makes the population of unvaccinated children in our Elementary schools at 1.1%. It statistically works out both here in Wichita and Nationwide, that 40% of those not vaccinated are for Medical reasons, that leaves 60% for Religious reasons.
What that means in Wichita is that 122 students not vaccinated for Medical reasons, while just 183 not vaccinated for Religious exemptions.
183 divided by 6 grades, is just 31 students per grade, scattered across the city of dozens and dozens of Elementary or Grade schools.
In our High Schools its even less. Only 139 students not vaccinated out of 14,316 students equaling just 1.0% of the student population. Taking the 40% – 60% ratio, that’s just 83 Religious exempted students or 12 students per school.
Now let’s look at the Mortality Rates (rate of those dying from a disease) for each of those for which vaccinations are “mandated” to attend school.
Measles and/or Rubella 0.015% or 1 out of every 6,800 people that get ill.
Mumps 0.01% or 1 out of every 10,000 people that get ill.
These are commonly referred to as “inconvenient” illnesses or diseases because their mortality rate is so low. The 3 listed above are the MMR part of the vaccination system. With mortality rates this low for these 3 illnesses, hundreds if not thousands could get sick without a single death from the disease.
So why all the uproar over a hand full of students that have not gotten vaccinated?
I personally don’t get it?
Diphtheria has a significantly high mortality rate of 20%
Tetanus is also significant with an 11% mortality rate.
Pertussis virus (Whooping Cough) 0.04% or 1 person out of every 2400 that get ill and half of those will be under 3 months old.
This combination of vaccination is commonly known as DTaP or TDaP.
If you are concerned and do want to get your children vaccinated, some Pediatricians have gone on record of going to Individual shots, spaced out over several weeks instead of getting the MMR all in one shot, you might consider getting the Measles by itself, then maybe a week or 2 later, the Mumps shot, then a week or so later, the Rubella shot. Same with the DTaP or TDaP shots, get them individually and get them spread out over time.
While there are NO studies linking the MMR shot to Autism, this seems to be a coincidental event that Autism is first seen symptoms of right after that shot.
In Japan, a study was done to spread the shots individually out over time and oddly enough, the incident rate of Autism dropped by over 95%.
Getting individual shots are more expensive both from the per shot cost as well as having to see a doctor several more times not to mention the inconvenience of your time needed to do this.
Another study that has been discontinued unfortunately, was done of families that did not vaccinate their children, and the rate of Autism was that of the early 70’s which was 1 in 6700 had developed some form of Autism when only 3 vaccinations were being received. The rate of Autism today is 1 in 68.
While I do believe in the science of some vaccinations, Small Pox for one has been eradicated from the entire planet and the vaccination was discontinued in 1982 world wide. Obviously permanent maiming from Polio has been almost eradicated, especially in the U.S. but still has some to go in third world countries.
Tetanus and Diphtheria deaths have been brought down till you rarely hear of a death any more.
Another “statistic” that is often overlooked or not mentioned is that the Pharmaceutical companies themselves state that the rate at which vaccinations “take” or immunize is only about 90%, leaving 10% of those vaccinated with NO immunization or a diminished immunization, making them as susceptible to the disease of the non-vaccinated children are.
To put that into perspective, of the 51,330 children in the Wichita public school system, 5,133 have very little or no immunization against some of these diseases.
Compare that to the 266 Religiously exempted students, that’s 20 times more students with diminished immunization putting medically exempted students more at risk than the religiously exempted non-vaccinated students!
Giving 68 or 69 doses over 14 shots by the time your child is 6 years old, mostly for “inconvenient” diseases does seem to be a bit much.
I can also see why parents of non-vaccinated children for medical reasons can be of concern, the more children that are not vaccinated that could be increasing the risk that their child might be at risk of higher exposure with seemingly NOTHING they can do to protect their child. Well, NOTHING could be further from the truth from a “conventional” medical viewpoint, there IS something you can do, you just haven’t been told what.
The CDC’s website, WebMD, Mayo Clinic, WHO, and just about every other “conventional” medically trained group have all come to the same conclusion and this is it: The stronger a person’s immune system is, the better the chance of getting over an illness or disease or preventing it in the first place.
Yet not ONE of them gives us any idea how to strengthen our immune system!!!
Doesn’t that seem odd??? Especially when information has been available for almost 70 years how to boost our immune systems. Even TV ads are touting ways to boost our immune system, giving us a clue as to how.
While there are MANY, MANY things you can do such as exercising, getting plenty of rest and sleep, taking more vitamin D, eating healthier foods, cutting out processed foods, and cutting back on foods with high fructose corn syrup, nothing strengthens your immune system easier, quicker, and cheaper than increasing your intake of Sodium Ascorbate!
The problem is that “conventional” medicine looks at Sodium Ascorbate like its akin to a fuel additive for your car, when it is in fact The Fuel. Sodium Ascorbate is the very prime enzyme that makes your white blood cells efficient in fighting germs, viruses, bacteria, and toxins such as poisons.
L-Ascorbic Acid is the enzyme that white blood cells use to neutralize these foreign invaders, keep viruses from replicating, help repair damaged cells, and is the main component for creating Collagen, which is the “glue” that holds all cells together.
Dr. Fred Klenner used Sodium Ascorbate to treat over 3,000 patients with phenomenal success. Should you think it was just a fluke, think again, as Dr. Klenner cured 60 out of 60 cases of Polio during the outbreak of 1948-49 where not even one single patient was permanently paralyzed, he cured Measles, Mumps, snake bites, dust crop poisonings, etc. all with what is called Mega-dosing of Sodium Ascorbate, well before ANY Polio vaccines were available.
Read Dr. Klenner’s notes on several treatments including Poliomyelitis Treatment Records
L-Ascorbic Acid is the base enzyme, when combined with Sodium, it buffers the acid making it easier for the body to ingest.
Regardless of where you stand on vaccinations, if YOUR child got sick with an illness or disease, you’d want to know that there was a PROVEN, LEGITIMATE treatment that could supercharge your child’s immune system with absolutely NO downside or side effects even if you’d taken the “medical” exemption from vaccinations, probably even more so.

Dr. Klenner would give a 10 gram intramuscular shot (in the glutes) as soon as you came into his office, that way it empowered your immune system to start the fight on what ever illness you had while they started the diagnostic process to see exactly what you had. You hear of people not getting diagnosed for things like Lyme’s disease, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, and a whole host of other illnesses for days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years.
Where is the harm in administering 10 grams of Sodium Ascorbate immediately and increasing your oral intake of Sodium Ascorbate to 30 mg/lb body weight over every 24 hour period? That’s rhetorical, because there is NO harm, Sodium Ascorbate is water soluble, there is NO toxicity level, the body uses what it needs and simply excretes the rest. Peeing out excess is NOT a side effect! You CAN’T overdose on Sodium Ascorbate.

Sodium Ascorbate is better known by its industry label as Vitamin C, but don’t be mislead, it’s NOT just another nutrient, it’s the very FUEL your immune system needs to keep you healthy. Dr. Klenner likened it to bullets for a soldier, you can have 5 bullets or you can have 5,000, which would you rather have in fighting a war???

Order from Amazon/KindleIf you really want to learn more about Sodium Ascorbate, get the book written by not one PhD but two, Dr. Andrew Saul PhD. and Dr. Steve Hickey PhD. entitled “Vitamin C: The Real Story” as inspired by one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, 2 time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling PhD.

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