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Ebola and What You Should Know – originally posted March 15, 2015

While the Ebola Virus is saturating our news, there are a few things you should know that none of the media outlets are telling you.

The Ebola Virus does present a very real danger to humans and is a very nasty little virus, but don’t believe the rhetoric that there is nothing you can do to make yourself a smaller target other than eating right and exercising, well that and donning a bio-hazard suit from head to toe.

The Ebola virus is a glycoprotein (GP) virus, unlike a lot of the viruses that we have to contend with like the Influenza (H3N2), Swine Flu (H1N1), Bird Flu (H5N1), etc., this virus utilized the GP type of proteins, not the H or the N type. And not just one GP type but 3, giving it the destructive ability not often seen. It can also attached to more than one cell at a time, giving it the ability to multiply at an unprecedented rate making it very virulent.

What makes this virus particularly nasty, is that it can infect several different types of cells, including the white blood cell which is the body’s way of getting rid of these things to begin with.

With your primary defense white blood cells being rendered useless, that lets this virus multiply unhampered. That’s the bad news.

It causes what is called a Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola is one of several viruses that cause this fever, it essentially depletes the body’s supply of Vitamin C, a necessary vitamin to the body’s immune system and is key to the creation of collagen. When the body is completely depleted of Vitamin C, bleeding both internally and externally becomes profuse and fatal because L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is the basic building enzyme for Collagen, which is what holds the cells together, necessary for artery and vein integrity.

So if depleting the body of Vitamin C is a critical issue, then the answer, solution, or treatment then stands to reason that giving high doses of Vitamin C either through an Intravenous infusion or taking the Liposomal C which gets released directly into the blood stream would be top on the list.

At the very least, get Vitamin C capsules or powders and drink a significant quantity to help give the body a fighting chance, Drs. Klenner MD and Linus Pauling PhD recommended 30mg per pound of body weight per day if healthy, it could be double or triple that if ill or diseased. There is NO downside to taking it as it is water soluble where the body will use all it can and excrete the rest, it is NOT toxic and there are no known overdoses on record anywhere.

Research has also shown the use of

  • Vitamin D3 strengthens the immune system and certain herbal mushrooms can be used as well.
  • Colloidal Silver is used by millions of people around the world, and in the case of such a high mortality rate (ebola is between 50% – 90%), it could be a good back up.
  • Lauric Acid in Organic Coconut Oil has proven successful against many viruses (although no tests directly against Ebola have been done, there’s no harm in using it),
  • L-Sambucus nigra enzyme (found in black elderberries, Sambucol in most drug stores) also has shown promise against viruses but not studied against GP type viruses.

In addition, the Homeopathic community believes that the Hemorrhagic fever could be treated with the Crotalus Horridus 200-C


No one knows how bad Ebola, Enterovirus, West Nile, Chikungunya, Zika, or any viral infection may get. But the Good News is that you can be prepared, get a few supplies, strengthen your immune system by several different methods, and lessen your chance of getting infected, maimed, or even dying from them.

KCTU TV Interview on Ebola and Protocols

UnSick Yourself, nobody else will!
Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD

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Einstein said that we should make things as simple as possible, but NO simpler.
I’m constantly astounded by how HARD the science and medical community are making this Ebola thing to be.
Liberian Observer article
Its VERY, VERY simple believe it or not.
Here’s how simple it is, all of the viruses, Ebola, Marburg, Dengue Fever, or whatever virus you choose that leads to Hemorrhagic Fever, have ONE thing in common.
Hemorrhagic Fever is EXACTLY the same symptoms as SCURVY, that’s right, a disease that a treatment and cure was identified over 300 years ago.
Symptoms of Scurvy: appetite loss, poor weight gain, diarrhea, rapid breathing, fever, irritability, tenderness and discomfort in legs, swelling over long bones, bleeding (hemorrhaging), and feelings of paralysis, bleeding of the gums, loosened teeth, petechial hemorrhage of the skin and mucous membranes (a tiny pinpoint red mark), bleeding in the eye, proptopsis of the eyeball (protruding eye), constochondral beading (beading of the cartilage between joints), hyperkeratosis (a skin disorder), corkscrew hair, and sicca syndrome (an automimmune disease affecting connective tissue).
When Magellan circumnavigated the Earth, estimates were that up to 80% of his crew died from scurvy.
The treatment was found to be adding limes to the diet on ships so that Vitamin C was not depleted over the 60-90 days when no Vitamin C was available to replenish it. While small amounts are needed to keep someone from getting scurvy, as little as 10 mg per day on average, it is also noted that the RDA for an adult male is 90 mg which is certainly well above the “keep from getting scurvy” levels. By their own admission, if you smoke, the RDA is elevated to 135 mg/day. Why if you smoke would you NEED more Vitamin C, that is a 50% increase! Apparently the toxins introduced into the body REQUIRE much more Vitamin C to neutralize them.
Fast forward to Hemorrhagic Fevers.

Symptoms of Hemorrhagic Fever: fatigue, fever, weakness, dizziness, and muscle aches; patients with more severe infections show bleeding under the skin, internal organs, or even from bodily orifices like the mouth, eyes, or ears. Some patients develop severe diarrhea that may also be bloody, and severely ill patients present with shock, delirium, seizures, kidney failure, and coma that often ends in death.

You see, Hemorrhagic Fever has the same symptoms as Scurvy, coincidence? I think not!

Bleeding out is the biggest commonality between these two diseases. What causes the capillaries to weaken and commence this bleeding disorder? It boils down to one simple nutrient, ascorbic acid. Now it may be argued that its because the platelets are at fault for not sealing off these weakened blood vessels, if the vessels are weakening at a rate that the platelets become exhausted, then profuse bleeding will ensue. If it lasts long enough, all of the other symptoms in Hemorrhagic Fever will follow, the shutting down of organs, dizziness, weakness, etc.

So in the final analysis, any of these viral infections which cause Hemorrhagic Fever, are simply causing an accelerated acute form of Scurvy!

While the scientists and medical community continue to make this complicated, its really NOT! They will be able to spend millions of dollars looking for a gene, dna, or creating a vaccine, limes with ample amounts of Vitamin C cured Scurvy. And though one could NOT eat enough limes to cure Hemorrhagic Fever because of the accelerated depletion of Vitamin C, giving a 25,000 mg dose of Vitamin C intravenously, would be a huge step in the right direction to treat Hemorrhagic Fever. And even at retail prices, pure Sodium Ascorbate can be obtained for just 0.066 cents per mg. So a 25,000 mg dose would only cost $1.65.
With a grant of $5,000,000 to create and test a new vaccine, even with the saline solution, bags, needles, and sodium ascorbate at $10 per treatment, that would cover the 30,000 infected during the entire 2014-2015 outbreak with 16 treatments per patient.
Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame donated $25,000,000 to find a cure for Ebola, and they barely have a new vaccine that may or may not work, with who knows what side effects.
Occam’s Razor says that given all things being equal, the simplest solution is usually the best!
Someone out there PLEASE prove me wrong that enough Vitamin C given to an Ebola infected patient WON’T cure them. Go ahead and prove me and others that have come to the EXACT same conclusion Wrong!!! WE DARE YOU!

UnSick Yourself, nobody else will!
Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD

Get “The Immunity Crisis in America” book in PDF for just $7

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  1. Well done, as usual. I know you do some pretty energetic research on your information. I agree that we need to protect ourselves and antibiotics are definitely NOT the way to do it. Well explained.

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