Measles Outbreak in Orange County, Ca – originally posted Jan 21, 2015

Measles, smeasles! Knowledge is POWER and this link gives you THAT Power.  Get Dr. Klenner’s information at Injectable Vitamin C #measles #vitaminc

Excerpt from Dr. Klenner’s Journal of Southern Medicine and Surgery, July 1949, Vol. 111, No. 7, pp. 209–214
“The use of vitamin C in measles proved to be a medical curiosity. During an epidemic vitamin C was used prophylactically and all those who received as much as 1000 mg. every six hours, by vein or muscle, were protected from the virus. Given by mouth, 1000 mg. in fruit juice every two hours was not protective unless it was given around the clock. It was further found that 1000 mg. by mouth, four to six times each day, would modify the attack; with the appearance of Koplik’s spots and fever, if the administration was increased to 12 doses each 24 hours, all signs and symptoms would disappear in 48 hours. If the drug was discontinued or reduced to three or four doses each 24 hours following the disappearance of Koplik’s spots, within another 48-hour period the fever, the conjunctivitis and Koplik’s spots would be back.
It was our privilege to observe this picture over and over in two little volunteer girls for 30 days. These “research helpers” were my own little daughters. The measle virus was eventually destroyed in this instance by continuing 12,000 mg. by mouth each 24 hours for four days. We interpreted this result to indicate that on withdrawing the drug with the cessations of signs and symptoms, a small quantity of the virus remained, which after another incubation period produced anew the first stage of measles; when the drug was continued beyond the clearing stage the virus was destroyed in toto. No case of post-measles bronchopneumonia was seen. The “measles-cough”’ of measles bronchitis was over with after three or four 1000 mg. injections of “C” at 6-hour intervals. This was true even when other medications well above the calculated dose range for cough had
had no effect Whenever a patient presented a mixed-virus infection, such as receding mumps and developing measles, it was found that double the calculated dose of vitamin C was necessary to obtain the usual results.” ~Dr. Frederick Klenner’s observations and treatment The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C

I do believe that parents should NOT be made to give dangerous and possibly harmful vaccines to their children, especially when Dr. Klenner and Dr. Linus Pauling (2 time Nobel prize winner and multiple PhD.s) came to understand the power of the enzyme L-Ascorbic Acid and how Dr. Klenner cured measles in just 2 days.

I’ll be glad when OrthoMolecular Medicine starts getting equal air time as Internal Medicine.

UnSick Yourself, nobody else will!

Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD

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  1. Originally posted Feb 5, 2015
    Today it was announced that 6 infants in Chicago now have the measles. I suspect that the infants may be too young to get the vaccination.
    That now brings the number to over 100 people in the U.S. over 15 states that now have the Measles.
    While it was “Officially” declared eradicated in 2000, which means there were NO reported cases in the last 12 months, there have been minor outbreaks ever since the MMR vaccine became widely used starting in 1968.
    What that means is that there are literally millions of people who got the measles, didn’t die, formed antibodies as an immunity to it, or that never got the vaccination nor the Booster shot implemented after the 1989 outbreak walking around un-Immunized from Measles.
    The typical talking points are that we are having THIS 2015 outbreak because 10%-15% have opted out of vaccinating their children for personal or religious reasons. The numbers just don’t substantiate such claims.
    While I’m all for public safety, I’m also all for personal freedom, especially given the FACT that there is a 67 year old proven treatment that can cure the measles in just 24 to 36 hours which would significantly shorten the exposure to the millions that are not vaccinated. See excerpt in Post above.

  2. Originally posted March 3, 2015
    Just checked to see what the Measles count is at CDC Measles and panic should set in now that the total has reached 176, oh, just 5 more people since March 3rd.
    Other than California with 118 cases and 15 cases in Illinois, 15 other states have less than 10 people each, holy cow, batten down the hatches, the anti-vaxers are just killing people right and left! And oh by the way, no one has died because Measles is just an inconvenience, although highly contagious, still its just an inconvenience, really probably not any more than the common cold or flu, which the flu will kill close to 50,000 this year, vaccine and all.
    What we really need instead of a panic about a phantom epidemic is to have the Medical community accept the protocol that Dr. Frederick Klenner developed.
    When a patient came to him at his office or in the hospital, he first gave them a 10,000 mg shot of buffered vitamin C. Today the Myers’ Cocktail Ingredients has a combination of Vitamins C, B’s including B-12, Calcium, & Magnesium. Personally I’d include giving the patient a Glutathione patch to boost the body’s ability to fight what ever infection it has.
    Dr. Klenner talked about the white blood cells which are your primary offense to fighting off infections as needing plenty of ammunition to win the war. Do you want your cytokines (white blood cells) to have 5 bullets or 5,000 bullets? Personally I’d want 5,000 bullets to ensure I could win the war.
    Get my book so you’ll have multiple ways to strengthen your immune system and so you can relax and not get all weird-ed out over the next medical/media generated scare/hype/pandemic. Get the Book above!
    Today it was announced that there are now 170 cases of the Measles in the U.S.
    Since when was a mostly non-fatal illness even warrant 30 seconds of news time on a national news network?
    In 48 days, its spread to 17+ states and 170 people, NO deaths.
    That’s just over 3.5 people per day of one of the most contagious diseases known to mankind.
    The mortality rate is 0.015% or just 1 out of every 6,700 people who contract it.
    These are NOT numbers anyone should be panicking about. Before the vaccines, 3 to 4 million people were infected each year with only about 450 deaths. That’s a mortality rate of just 0.015% maximum.
    The mainstream mantra is to go and get the MMR vaccine which will usually take about 3 weeks to kick in and start protecting you, by then you’ll be over it.
    Even Pediatricians are now recommending spreading out the vaccines over time instead of giving one shot with up to 9 different viral infections in them accompanied with all the preservatives such as formaldehyde, aluminum, and yes, even thimerosal at levels that don’t require listing because they are below a predetermined level as an EPA toxin, not to mention that it will suppress your immune system (from the adjuvant being used) making you susceptible to other germs currently floating around making people sick.
    If you know someone that has gotten the Measles, you might suggest they increase their intake of Vitamin C to 1,000 mg every 2 hours for a couple-three days.
    Dr. Frederick Klenner proved a Vitamin C protocol as a treatment could cure Measles clear back in 1948, some 15 years before the vaccine was invented.
    Read it for yourself: See original post excerpt.
    Please pass this information on to your local news stations, I’m available for interviews.
    Thanks and I hope this helps!

  3. Originally poster April, 19, 2015
    As of April 17th, the CDC has “officially” declared the Measles outbreak of 2015 over.
    For all the HYPE and PANIC that was supposed to surround this “outbreak”, a total of only 170 people contracted this non-fatal yet one of the most highly contagious diseases known to mankind out of 310,000,000 people in the U.S.
    Death Toll: 0, zip, nada, nil, none!
    So let’s look at the facts, and I’m taking some “liberty” here in some assumptions, primarily that ALL 310,000,000 people WERE vaccinated even though probably about 150 million actually were.
    From the pharmaceutical companies statistics themselves, 10% of those vaccinated DID NOT take, leaving 31,000,000 people at risk, yet ONLY 170 people contracted this non-fatal disease.
    What am I missing here?
    Statistically that’s 1 out of every 182,000 people that got infected of those that the vaccine didn’t take or if we say they were NEVER vaccinated (anti-vaxers), that is certainly NOTHING to get all crazy about.
    Yet the California legislature is trying to get all the exemptions removed to make all vaccines mandatory.
    Will someone please just slow down and look at these numbers???

    1. Since that post I found out that one person did die from a measles related illness. She was 82 years old on an Immune Suppressant drug due to an organ transplant.
      This just validates that to get infected and have complications or even show symptoms you will need to have a compromised or weakened Immune System.
      Had she been supplementing at least 4,000 mg of Vitamin C/Sodium Ascorbate daily, she probably would have survived the measles and any related illnesses.

  4. Originally posted February 4, 2015
    Apparently an unvaccinated (or a vaccinated but it didn’t work in the 10%) tourist has visited Disneyland in Anaheim, California with the measles in a contagious state.
    Several Disneyland employees contracted the measles and it has spread to 60+ students at Huntington Beach High School.

    Most “authoritative” websites tout that there is NO treatment for measles except getting the vaccine within the first 3 days of contracting the virus and THAT could take as long as 3 MORE weeks to kick in and protect you.
    However, in the OrthoMolecular Medicine circles, they know better.
    Dr. Fred Klenner experimented during the Spring of 1948 Measles outbreak where his two daughters were infected. Over the next 30 days, he gave them varying amounts of L-Ascorbic Acid (Sodium Ascorbate) orally either every 4 hours or every 2 hours and was able to completely control the symptoms of measles.
    Injectable L-Ascorbic Acid completely eradicated the Measles within 24 to 36 hours without it ever returning.
    You can read about his research and testing on Measles and Poliomyelitis (Polio) at: See Journal entry in Post.

    This should give parents comfort that it is a very controllable disease even if exposed whether you or your children have had the vaccine or not.
    We simply don’t know what we don’t know, and treatment for the Measles just proves this.

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