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When ever I am debating MD’s or PhD’s about the value of the things I’ve discovered of how to strengthen our immune system, I’m always amazed that their “double blind” studies have more weight than 100,000’s of people using these discoveries with near miraculous results.

How is it that 50 people in a controlled environment typically paid for by a company that has a stake in the results can be more definitive than the anecdotal results of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people.

I’m a huge fan of the late Dr. Linus Pauling, PhD. He’s one of the least recognized geniuses of the 20th century. If you took chemistry in high school or college, you need to thank him. Dr. Pauling figured out the co-valent bond that holds all atoms together to form molecules. Pretty smart guy. He won not just 1 Nobel Prize but 2, one for Chemistry in 1954 the second for getting upper atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons banned in 1962.

In the late 1960’s Dr. Pauling was introduced to the incredible power of Vitamin C by Dr. Stone. His research showed that Vitamin C was the foundational building block of our entire Immune System and that if humans who can’t make their own would supplement at least 3,000 – 5,000 mg a day, they would be healthier. He wrote the book “Vitamin C and the Common Cold” and later added “and the Flu”.  Get the Book

Back to the “biased” studies. The famed Mayo Clinic decided to put this notion from Dr. Pauling to rest by holding a “clinical” trial. Read More Their conclusion was that taking Vitamin C had no depreciable decrease in the time a person had a cold or the flu. What we found out through digging was that they only gave the people in the study 500 mg of Vitamin C and I couldn’t find how often or for how many days. In other words, the study was set  up to fail. Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr. Frederick Klenner, Dr. Robert Cathcart and now many others indicate that a person should be taking their weight in pounds times 30 as a daily intake of Vitamin C, Dr. Cathcart and his tests indicated double that amount when an illness has started. In numbers you can understand, for most people that’s 3,000 – 5,000 mg of Vitamin C a day when healthy, 6,000 – 10,000 mg a day when sick. So the Mayo Clinic’s pitiful 500 mg even if administered every day would probably not have seen any results of shortening a cold or the flu. Big Surprise!

Dr. Thomas Levy MD JD says that the only reason a person doesn’t respond to the Vitamin C therapy is that too little was given or it was given for too short a period of time.

Now my personal accounts. Winter of 2008 the flu swept through the country and the shop I was working at on the Linc Volt project as the Electric Vehicle consultant all came down with this flu within a matter of hours one afternoon. It hit us so hard that everyone went home sick well before the usual end of our day. I went home and took 10,000 mg of Vitamin C and went to bed. 12 hours later I got up, completely well and went into the shop thinking that maybe it was just a short term bug and I got over it and probably so did everyone else. Wrong! It was a ghost town, no one was in, not that day, nor the next or the next. Not even for 2 full weeks. I’ve been told I was delusional and that it was probably the placebo effect. In what science lab would me getting over a flu that put everyone else out for 2 weeks and I was recovered in 12 hours would the placebo effect even be considered? Unless you simply refused to believe that Vitamin C was somehow responsible for my recovery.

Next was food poisoning. My then partner and I ate at a restaurant one afternoon. Now I was taking about 5,000 mg of Vitamin C per day as a regular regimen. At about 2 am I awoke with terrible stomach pains, got up and had a couple bouts of diarrhea, took another 5,000 mg of Vitamin C and went back to bed. Got up about 8 am and called my partner to schedule the day. Went to voice mail. Called later that afternoon, more voice mail. Figured he’d call me when he was ready. Two days later I finally heard from him. He’d been in the hospital, food poisoning. He was taking about 1,000 mg of Vitamin C a day and the effects hit him about 7 pm that evening so bad that his wife convinced him to go to the hospital. Even after 3 days, he was still weak but recovering. Note that on 5,000 mg I didn’t feel the effects until 2 am and even on 1,000 mg he wasn’t hit until 7 pm. It was originally discounted as food poisoning as normally it effects people much sooner or quicker than it did both of us. I believe that it is a testimony that even small amounts of Vitamin C can strengthen our Immune System so that an illness takes longer to get us down.

Since then, I’ve occasionally had a cough or sore throat but increasing my Vitamin C intake has ensured that it never developed into a cold or flu while many around me did get sick, missing school and work as a result.

They can say that my results can not be trusted, but you’d be hard pressed to convince me otherwise, double blind placebo study or not. You decide.

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UnSick Yourself,

Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD

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