COVID-19 Prevention Protocols

If you live in the world of prevention rather than reaction, this COVID-19 thing is just a joke. That’s not to say each and every death from this viral infection isn’t tragic, but it’s MORE tragic when it was needless. That’s right, there is a VERY successful treatment that virtually everyone is ignoring by a doctor at a NYC hospital which I’ll cover when I post on COVID-19 Potential Treatments.

I’ve done over 150 TV shows talking mostly about prevention and building your IMMUNE SYSTEM so that you essentially and virtually become bullet proof.

The reason anyone gets infected with the COVID-19 virus or any other viral infection according to the CDC and the WHO is that they have a “weak”, “weakened”, or “compromised” IMMUNE SYSTEM!

So why aren’t “they” telling you how to strengthen your IMMUNE SYSTEM? I believe it’s totally political and they want to control you and take away your freedoms by over hyping the Plandemic during an election year and getting you to be so afraid you’ll stay 6 feet apart, wear a mask that does virtually NO good, stay inside where you’ll listen to their incessant droning on in the news about how very, very bad this is and that the corona boogeyman will KILL you if you even look it’s direction.

TURN OFF YOUR TV and quit watching the news!!! Your blood pressure will return to normal (NOT a diagnosis or treatment recommendation just common sense) and you’ll quit stressing over this which is wrecking your IMMUNE SYSTEM.

I’ve written an entire book on how to strengthen your IMMUNE SYSTEM which you can get here on my blog or I’ve just published the 3 basic things that can quickly strengthen your IMMUNE SYSTEM and move you from fear to peace, confidence, and calm.

These aren’t new and I referenced them previously in the post:

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UnSick Yourself,
Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD (Not a Medical Doctor)