Anatomy of a Flu Shot

The Anatomy of a Flu Shot – originally posted 11.22.2015

With signs on every corner encouraging you to get THIS season’s flu shot, combined with the media bombardment to try and shame or scare us into getting one for the “herd” immunity, I thought now might be a good time to cover “The Flu Shot”.

I’m NOT here to tell you whether to get “the shot” or not, but what I believe every person needs is valid and truthful information with which they can make an informed decision.

Let’s start with the herd immunity concept. There are 320 million Americansfs_sign6, just 172 million flu shot doses with a hoped for rate of at least 80% inoculation. 80% of 172 million is 138 million, at an “efficacy” rate (which I’ll explain later) of their typical 60%-70%, giving them the benefit of the doubt, brings our herd immunity down to 97 million with any level of immunity from this season’s flu strains. That means that just 1/3 of the people around you will have any level of immunization from the guessed at strains of this season’s flu. Leaving over 200 million of us “susceptible” to this season’s flu. Wow! Even according to “their” own formula, it’s short by 9 million people to qualify for herd immunity if this season’s flu is at the bottom of the contagious scale.

fs_sign5Next we’ll look at the “ingredients” of a flu shot. It will of course contain a number of H3N2 Influenza strains and H1N1 Swine strains typically identified by “A” or “B” types and regions or states previously found predominant in. These can be a “portion” of the virus such as the Hemagglutinin (the “H” part of the virus), an inactivated virus that is somehow kept from replicating, and the “dead” virus which is interesting because viruses aren’t actually “alive” to begin with. They are more akin to a seed than a living organism.

Other ingredients are the “preservatives”. These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Many still use the known neuro-toxin mercury or some derivative of it like Thimerosal. Others use another known neuro-toxin such as aluminum and formaldehyde (International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies formaldehyde as a human carcinogen). While they might be great to “preserve” the vaccine, they are NOT so great when injected into the Human body in almost any amount.

When you put these foreign materials into the body, your immune system will have to work to remove them, and hopefully it will be strong enough to do so. Here’s where the irony comes in. Who do the “authorities” say should get the flu shot? Those with a weakened immune system right? Oops! Good luck getting rid of these neuro-toxins and foreign materials. Also something to think about, the warning is that if you have a “weak” Immune System, that the flu shot or any other vaccine may not work as well as hoped for. What??? Have they lost their freaking minds? They tell us if you have a weak Immune System you need a flu shot but if you have a weak Immune System it may or probably WON’T work very well. PLEASE make up your minds or better yet, just leave us alone.

And finally, the last ingredient is what’s known as an “adjuvant”. Aluminum is the standard adjuvant but Squalene was experimented with and the possible culprit from Veterans serving in Gulf War 1 that have a permanently suppressed Immune System and what is called “The Gulf War Syndrome”. This is the ingredient specifically designed to suppress your immune system further than it apparently already is. The reason for an adjuvant is because without it, an immune system with any kind of strength will attack and expel the virus (or weakened or “dead virus) so quickly that the system hasn’t had the time to identify it, catalog it, and create the antibodies to eradicate it through the secondary response part of your immune system and be prepared for future infections. The biggest problem with artificially suppressing your immune system to keep the first line of immune response from working so quickly is that no one knows how far back it will rebound. If it NEVER returns to its previous strength similar to a dropped ball that never returns to its original height, with shot after shot after shot, some 46 vaccinations before age 6, 70 by age 18, could this be the reason why we are seeing an increase in “autoimmune” diseases such as Crohn’s, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Acute/Chronic/Rheumatoid Arthritis just to name a few?

The other problem with artificially suppressing your immune system is that it opens you up for a period of time to other germs, bacteria, pollutants, and anything else that can make you sick. As an example, the “Whooping cough” vaccine is pushed to make sure Grandma doesn’t infect her precious grandchild. While its a great idea to make sure that infants don’t get whooping cough, is it really a good idea to suppress Grandma’s immune system to create immunity against the pertussis virus (whooping cough) when we’re coming into flu season??? Especially if we know we could cure whooping cough in just 24-48 hours? That’s right, from

Vitamin C given by IV infusion is fastest acting. IM injections are next quickest; aggressive oral C therapy is still the preferred method unless hospitalized, in which case IV or IM may be demanded by the patient, parent or guardian. “Demanded” is certainly the right word.

Homeopathy: Drosera 30C, one dose sublingually.

Speaking of “antibodies”, this is where the term “efficacy” comes in. Pharmaceutical companies do a limited scientific study of the numbers of people who get their vaccine to see at what level their body creates antibodies against that season’s specific flu strains. Typically we hear that it is at the rate of 60%-70%, What that means is that of the people tested, 60%-70% created what they believe to be sufficient numbers of antibodies to ward off the flu should they get infected. It DOES NOT mean how “effective” it is. These two words sound similar and so they are used with the very idea that when we hear “efficacy” we will translate it to mean “effectiveness”. In the Pharmaceutical company’s own documentation, they state that “…there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with…” their vaccine (italics and bold mine). In other words, we really don’t know how effective it will be, so you’re on your own.no_controlledThe GREAT news is that there are 2 or 3 things you can do to supercharge your Immune system so that you don’t need the flu shot and all the downside effects it may cause.

First, your white blood cells, which are your front line soldiers, need to have plenty of ammunition to fight off any foreign invader. Most people’s white blood cells are seriously under supplied with the proper amounts of ammunition. That ammunition is Dehydrolized Ascorbic Acid (DHAA), or in common folk terms, Vitamin C. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of 90 mg for adult men, 75 mg for adult women, is just enough to keep you from bleeding to death, decided clear back in the 1940’s, maybe its time for an upgrade.

Drs. Klenner, Pauling, and Cathcart did significant research and found the amount of Sodium Ascorbate (buffered Vitamin C) we actually need to optimize our Immune system is in the 5,000 – 6,000 mg range per day taken in 2,000 mg doses over several times throughout the day orally for adults, less for children under 10 years of age. This gives your soldiers more than adequate supplies of ammunition to fight pretty much any viral or bacterial infection with an initial immune response so powerful you typically won’t even know you were infected. Dr. Thomas Levy MD JD and Dr. Andrew Saul PhD both have written in depth about the power of Vitamin C and its almost miraculous ability to help the body fight infections.

Next, every household and every company should stock Sambucol. This is the enzyme L-Sambucus nigra which is found in Black Elderberries. This little enzyme will make the Hemagglutinin spikes on most viruses impotent and unable to attach to a cell where it could then start the replication process furthering its infection. In clinical studies done by the Medical School of Oslo Norway, they found in a double blind study that it decreases the symptoms of a 7 day flu down to just 3.1 days on average. Comparative studies of Tamiflu® showed a decrease down to just 6.1 days. That makes Sambucol 5 times more effective, way cheaper, no doctor visit, no prescription, and with none of the side effects. Click here-0ther studies.

And finally, studies have shown that when we get into fall and winter months, because we spend less time in the sunshine, our Vitamin D levels drop. There is a direct correlation to susceptibility to colds and flus when Vitamin D levels are low. This is easy to correct by simply increasing your Vitamin D3 intake. Most people are so low already that taking 5,000 IU isn’t a problem, many could take 3 times that amount without any aversion. If concerned, get a blood test reading of your Vitamin D levels, it should fall in the 70-90 range, my last reading was just 34 so I’ve increased mine to 15,000 IU per day.

In conclusion, if someone were to recommend NOT getting the flu shot or any vaccination without giving you proven alternatives to staying healthy, that would be nothing short of criminal.
If the ONLY thing we could do to ward off viral infections was through vaccinations, then I’d probably lean toward taking the risk and getting them, however, armed with the right knowledge, I now know that I have several options I can do as an alternative to strengthen my Immune System and don’t really need to rely just on a vaccine, and now so do you.

UnSick Yourself, nobody else will,
Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD

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My anecdotal stories

When ever I am debating MD’s or PhD’s about the value of the things I’ve discovered of how to strengthen our immune system, I’m always amazed that their “double blind” studies have more weight than 100,000’s of people using these discoveries with near miraculous results.

How is it that 50 people in a controlled environment typically paid for by a company that has a stake in the results can be more definitive than the anecdotal results of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people.

I’m a huge fan of the late Dr. Linus Pauling, PhD. He’s one of the least recognized geniuses of the 20th century. If you took chemistry in high school or college, you need to thank him. Dr. Pauling figured out the co-valent bond that holds all atoms together to form molecules. Pretty smart guy. He won not just 1 Nobel Prize but 2, one for Chemistry in 1954 the second for getting upper atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons banned in 1962.

In the late 1960’s Dr. Pauling was introduced to the incredible power of Vitamin C by Dr. Stone. His research showed that Vitamin C was the foundational building block of our entire Immune System and that if humans who can’t make their own would supplement at least 3,000 – 5,000 mg a day, they would be healthier. He wrote the book “Vitamin C and the Common Cold” and later added “and the Flu”.  Get the Book

Back to the “biased” studies. The famed Mayo Clinic decided to put this notion from Dr. Pauling to rest by holding a “clinical” trial. Read More Their conclusion was that taking Vitamin C had no depreciable decrease in the time a person had a cold or the flu. What we found out through digging was that they only gave the people in the study 500 mg of Vitamin C and I couldn’t find how often or for how many days. In other words, the study was set  up to fail. Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr. Frederick Klenner, Dr. Robert Cathcart and now many others indicate that a person should be taking their weight in pounds times 30 as a daily intake of Vitamin C, Dr. Cathcart and his tests indicated double that amount when an illness has started. In numbers you can understand, for most people that’s 3,000 – 5,000 mg of Vitamin C a day when healthy, 6,000 – 10,000 mg a day when sick. So the Mayo Clinic’s pitiful 500 mg even if administered every day would probably not have seen any results of shortening a cold or the flu. Big Surprise!

Dr. Thomas Levy MD JD says that the only reason a person doesn’t respond to the Vitamin C therapy is that too little was given or it was given for too short a period of time.

Now my personal accounts. Winter of 2008 the flu swept through the country and the shop I was working at on the Linc Volt project as the Electric Vehicle consultant all came down with this flu within a matter of hours one afternoon. It hit us so hard that everyone went home sick well before the usual end of our day. I went home and took 10,000 mg of Vitamin C and went to bed. 12 hours later I got up, completely well and went into the shop thinking that maybe it was just a short term bug and I got over it and probably so did everyone else. Wrong! It was a ghost town, no one was in, not that day, nor the next or the next. Not even for 2 full weeks. I’ve been told I was delusional and that it was probably the placebo effect. In what science lab would me getting over a flu that put everyone else out for 2 weeks and I was recovered in 12 hours would the placebo effect even be considered? Unless you simply refused to believe that Vitamin C was somehow responsible for my recovery.

Next was food poisoning. My then partner and I ate at a restaurant one afternoon. Now I was taking about 5,000 mg of Vitamin C per day as a regular regimen. At about 2 am I awoke with terrible stomach pains, got up and had a couple bouts of diarrhea, took another 5,000 mg of Vitamin C and went back to bed. Got up about 8 am and called my partner to schedule the day. Went to voice mail. Called later that afternoon, more voice mail. Figured he’d call me when he was ready. Two days later I finally heard from him. He’d been in the hospital, food poisoning. He was taking about 1,000 mg of Vitamin C a day and the effects hit him about 7 pm that evening so bad that his wife convinced him to go to the hospital. Even after 3 days, he was still weak but recovering. Note that on 5,000 mg I didn’t feel the effects until 2 am and even on 1,000 mg he wasn’t hit until 7 pm. It was originally discounted as food poisoning as normally it effects people much sooner or quicker than it did both of us. I believe that it is a testimony that even small amounts of Vitamin C can strengthen our Immune System so that an illness takes longer to get us down.

Since then, I’ve occasionally had a cough or sore throat but increasing my Vitamin C intake has ensured that it never developed into a cold or flu while many around me did get sick, missing school and work as a result.

They can say that my results can not be trusted, but you’d be hard pressed to convince me otherwise, double blind placebo study or not. You decide.

Alan Smith Story

UnSick Yourself,

Nicholas St Jon N.a.MD

UnSick Yourself or Never Get Sick Again!

I’ve heard it said that when you find something that troubles you to the deepest core of your being, that is your passion and you are driven to change things and make a difference.

For me, its health, and while I’m NOT a health nut, I am passionate about educating people so they can UnSick themselves or move to prevention so they Never Get Sick Again.

With over 9 years of research, accumulation of data and information from books written by guys with PhD’s, reading many Abstracts, and taking in many, many first hand stories of people taking back control of their own health with miraculous results, I’m convinced that the existing Internal Medically trained professionals have missed the boat.

It seems like every year there’s a new “pandemic” or superbug. In the 1990’s it was a “possible” horrific gonna kill millions Bird/Avian Flu. 2008 saw the resurgence of the deadly 1918 Spanish flu that was renamed the Swine flu. 2014 we panicked about Ebola, then 2016 scared us with Zika.

News Flash: Its NEVER going to end!

First thing we need, no MUST understand is that the conventional medical community can do NOTHING for you if you have a viral infection. Case in point, if you got Ebola, they isolated you so you wouldn’t infect anyone else and made you as comfortable as possible until you DIED or on the rare instance, recovered. Since when was making a patient comfortable a “treatment”???

News Flash: It shouldn’t be!

While the world watched helplessly as the helpless medical community watched more than 11,000 people die, then claimed victory when the virus burned itself out and touted themselves great conquerors because it didn’t kill 500,000.

Recently the world watched as pregnant women got infected with the Zika virus possibly resulting in a microcephaly brain damaged baby. What is their answer?  Don’t go to infected regions, don’t get pregnant for 2 years if you live in an infected region, don’t get bitten by an infected mosquito if you live in an infected region.

Who’s coming up with this stuff??? We need better ideas than that!

Along with my own research and that of some open minded PhD’s, MD’s, DO’s and just plain smart people, the information I’ll be sharing in this blog will help you take back your health, rendering the “next” pandemic nothing more than a minor blip on the radar for you and your family as you’ll know exactly what to have been doing all along and what to do to stop all viruses in their tracks before they can do any damage or get a foothold in your body or the ones that you love.

Thanks for joining us on this journey and please tell your friends, they’ll be glad you did.

UnSick Yourself,

Nicholas St Jon N.a.M.D.